Michael Cucurullo

Visual Artist

All politics are local

Does your publication cater to a local audience?

Then shouldn’t your cartoon section do the same?

Hand drawn cartoons taken from issues affecting your neighborhood sums up the local news at a glance.


Case study: the Brookline TAB

Brookline’s problem with wild aggressive turkeys gets a little less chronic around the holidays


Controversy shrouds the Brookline Town members decision to eliminate Columbus Day


The much needed Brookline 9th school continues to plague the community


Brookline forbids the use of leaf blowers outside of designated times of the year, (which is still to much for some)


No end in sight on what to do with the population of the Brookline 9th school



Brookline residents weigh in on the Astro Turf option for Cypress Field



City solicits feedback from Brookline motorists and cyclists



The redevelopment of the Holiday Inn site and the need to find a location for the new Brookline school



The start of the new school year in Brookline: not with a bang but a sarcastic wise crack.



Brookline teacher’s contract leaves paraprofessionals behind


Brookline solicits novel approaches to dealing with local traffic issues


Brookline flirts with funding growth through easing building restrictions


Heated exchange by Brookline residents over the logic of restoring a dilapidated landmark


The reality of the Brookline over ride flows down stream


If it’s autumn in Brookline, then it’s leaf blower season


Brookline candidates face an unusually hostile electorate this year


Brookline residents wake up to a false start to spring


The Hall’s Pond sanctuary in Brookline is a popular place for residents to take refuge


Where oh where to build the new Brookline 9th school



Traffic lanes and bicycle lanes collide in Brookline


Brookline cyclists look to expand their reach




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