Michael Cucurullo

Visual Artist

May 10, 2016
by Michael Cucurullo

Movie night at Alan’s…


So this being a blog post and like most blog post are read only by the person writing the blog, here goes…  My friend Alan invited me and a couple of friends over this Thursday night for a movie and most likely pizza, (check back later in the week for a detailed report on that). He invites everyone over every so often to hang out and watch a flick. The thing is, his giant 4 poster waterbed with the huge wooden canopy, (which for some reason still hasn’t collapsed on him) and these enormous pillars on all 4 corners to hold the structure in place. Geometrically speaking, (and keeping in mind the other memorabilia from the 1970’s piled about), there are only 4 spots where one one can view the TV, (3 of which are on the water bed with Alan).