Michael Cucurullo

Visual Artist

July 19, 2015
by Michael Cucurullo

My wife’s legendary hatred of my legendary love of #Fiuggiwater

Fiuggi water


I love Fiuggi water, never mind what’s in it, I just love the association it has  for me with my life. I first heard of Fiuggi water when I saw it in the original Pink Panther movie, with David Nivan and Peter Sellers. It was there, clearly in the background, early product placement and clearly a pre-requisite for any would be bachelor playboy, (my life’s ambition at the time). And then again when I moved to Rome and all mineral water came in glass bottles. The springs at Fonte Fiuggi  were legendary for their healing qualities, especially to the kidneys. Wherever I stayed, wherever ate, I always had a bottle of Fiuggi, clearly in site, just like in the Pink Panther, (cheap hotels and pensions  never had mini-fridges in the room). Because when you are romancing Claudia Carnavale you need to have all the right  accessories. To this day, a bottle of Fiuggi, a GLASS bottle og Fiuggi, (I do miss the bottle caps) always brings out the playboy in me. That’s why my wife hates my Fiuggi water so much.