Michael Cucurullo

Visual Artist

Sampieri University Rocks

Sampieri University

September¬†-Annual “Stealing Giovanni’s Olives” Festival

Giovanni is back in France but his luscious olives are here in Sicily


May 20-Faculty meeting

Preparations under way to move the studio to the summer residence

Cucurullo in the bathtub

Bill Gates sails into Sampieri

Bill Gates Yacht in Sampieri

Bill Gates, esteemed Sampieri University alumni stops by personally pick up his Official Sampieri University Pen and dine in the Sampieri University mess hall.

Sampieri, Sicily



Schedule of events

June 26 – Mike gets waxed
July 23, Professor Stephen J. Heisel gives commencement address to the 2014 graduating class.
July 7, Carmela attempts to swindle Mohamed the Moroccan rug dealer out of a couple of shekles.
Sampieri, Sicilia

This is the official seal of the University of Sampieri